Travel Backpack - Cloud Peak Blacktooth 1.0 - Lightweight Packable Day Pack - Best Large Durable Hiking Foldable Backpacks - Minimalist Daypacks for Cruise, Europe, Gym, Beach

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Manufacturer Description

Blacktooth 1.0 by Cloud Peak. Quality. Durability. Ultra Lightweight. Multi Functional. These are the ideas we used to come up with the Blacktooth 1.0 pack. We wanted a pack that you could throw in your suitcase for a trip that wouldn't take up any space or add any weight to your bag. Those airlines like to gouge you on weight fees anyway. We also wanted a bag that you could throw in your backpacking overnight pack that wouldn't add any space or weight. And we wanted a bag that when you did decide to pull it out and use it as a daypack, it would take the weight, the punishment and the hours of hiking around Europe or on the trail down the street, and feel as light as a feather and comfortable as a heavier, more expensive rei daypack. We think you'll agree that this is the most versatile daypack around. Every manufacturer has a choice to make between price and quality - and most you'll find focus on cheaper price at the expense of better quality. We knew as a small family owned business that it was unlikely we'd get a cheaper price on production for the high quality that we aspire to. Instead, we figured we'd rather devote our resources into the stuff you never find on a balance sheet... our advantage is we just care more. We put more effort into making sure you're 101% happy and let everyone else try to squeeze a penny here and there. It costs us time instead of money but it's a cost we're happy to incur to ensure you're happy.

Product Features

Use this pack for traveling. Amazing. Lightweight. Durable. Not a single stitch will come undone. It will provide packing flexibility with having an additional bag. It is lightweight but very sturdy and it will hardly take up any space in your suitcase. You just might want to use it as a daypack on a backpacking trip through Europe or buy it to pack on a cruise for a daypack. And once you get home you can collapse the backpack down and throw it in a drawer. You'll be surprise at how much weight you'll be able to carry. This bag can pack a lot (35L), but you'll hardly know that you are carrying it (0.7 lbs). It holds an amazing amount of stuff and the straps won't dig into your shoulders. Try this bag out for hiking. You will find it is an extremely lightweight backpack. There are many pockets and places to store items and it will feel like nothing is on your back. You just can't go wrong with this backpack. This bag is perfect for carrying around in your car and as a backup bag. You can even use it as a gym bag or a carry on. Be careful. You just might like it so much that you will need one in every color.

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