Prothotic Motion Support Sport Insole - The Original Insole For Plantar Fasciitis, Pronation, Arch Support, Metatarsalgia, Foot Pain Relief For Men & Women

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Manufacturer Description

Never Again Restricted By Pained Feet: Introducing The Best Prothotic Motion Control Sport Insole

A host of medical conditions can impair the lower extremities.

As feet bear the burden of weight and pressure, even slight variations in their morphology and physiology can have devastating effects on one's quality of life.

Don't Trust Your Feet to Inferior Insoles

Many a brand will try to convince you that their insoles are the best - but lack the science-backed expertise to create products which live up to their claims.

At ProThotics, we let the results of our efforts speak for themselves, which is what makes us a leading Amazon brand with a dedicated customer following.

What's in an Insole?

Here are the details on our product's expert design:

- Moisture-absorbent top-layer fabric, reinforced by a second layer of open-cell foam, which keeps your feet dry, guards against friction, heat, shearing and blisters;
- Polyurethane, memory-free, sponge-like bottom layer that WILL NOT flatten, no matter the pressure or the duration of use;

- Integrated arch stabilizer design reinforced with Vy-GelTM for MINIMAL heel-strike impact.

How Can I Benefit from the Prothotic Motion Support Insole?

Try it out for yourself and experience the immediate, discernible difference in the way you navigate everyday life - be it work, sports, hiking, running or enjoying leisurely strolls.

Should you be, in particular, affected by Plantar Fasciitis, arch overpronation, metatarsalgia, or other conditions affecting the feet, then you shouldn't waste another minute tolerating excruciating foot pain.

Start Walking and Exercising the Way You Deserve To: Free Of Pain.

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Product Features

RECLAIM YOUR MOBILITY & ENJOY SPORTS AGAIN: Painful, debilitating conditions which either directly or indirectly result in aching or swollen feet are life-changing ailments. These revolutionary insoles are a surefire way to expand your range of motion and guard your feet from the inevitable consequences of several, permanent conditions. Walk, run, and work out free of pain by making this small, yet incredibly effective addition to your pair of sports or casual shoes. STATE-OF-THE-ART BIOMECHANICAL ENGINEERING FOR SUPERIOR RESULTS: Dual-layer, cutting-edge design makes for a unique insole with optimal comfort with advanced medical technology to help avoid over-pronation, arch hyperextension and unwelcome friction. Featuring Vy-GelTM performance elastometer pads and anti-friction fabric, these insoles protect your feet across their length, shielding them against Plantar Fasciitis. MOTION CONTROL: Small bumps and in-shoe foot movements might seem harmless, but their cumulative effect results in pernicious foot damage. Wearing the Prothotic Motion Support Insoles results in lighter, yet firmer steps, on all types of terrain. Your feet will remain free of sweat and foul odors, all while being protected by the latest and greatest insole to ever grace the market. UNPARALLELED COMFORT: Forget what you've tried so far. Most insoles lack the appropriate features for effective foot support. The Prothotic Motion Support Insole was designed after thorough R&D. free of cheap, harmful memory foam, these insoles' Polyurethane base layer contours around your foot's curvature and maintain their individual shape without flattening over time, providing you with tailored pain-relief, customized to your feet's individual needs. MADE FOR DAILY WEAR: Lightweight, comfortable and moisture-wicking, these insoles minimize friction and stabilize your feet throughout prolonged hours of standing, walking or participating in sports or fitness activities. Revel in advanced foot protection by purchasing the best Motion Control Sports Insoles on Amazon now.

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