Be Safe with Ever-Ready First Aid Kit and Let Your Wanderlust Roam Free- Reliable, Fully Stocked Medical Emergency Kit- 139 Unique Pieces, Prepares You For Any Minor Emergency.

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Manufacturer Description

Life is messy, stuff happens, and sometimes we need a little help. That's when you need your Ever-Ready First-aid-kit. We've got you covered. You matter to us. Your safety matters. We have created a kit that we believe embodies everything you would want in a small portable first aid kit. Keep one in your car, office, boat, and anywhere life happens. You might want to send one off to college for your son or daughter. Based on our experience and what our customers asked for, we believe we have created a first aid kit that embodies the motto, "Be prepared." At the end of the day, you, our customer is the only thing that matters. You spoke, we listened. Take a look at all we included in our first-aid kit and see if you don't agree. High Quality, Medical Grade First Aid Supplies Every part of our kit meets or surpasses the FDA's rigorous requirements because you deserve a first-aid-kit you can rely on. When you are in need of a first aid kit, you don't want low quality, cheaply made Medical Supplies, you need and deserve excellence. That is why you will find all kinds of items you don't find in other kits like a CPR Mask to prevent the transfer of dangerous bacteria such as meningitis, a metal tweezer for pesky splinters, a thermal blanket that can be used to prevent shock and retain body heat, not to mention all the bandages. This kit has supplies for some of life's most threatening events along with the more ordinary first-aid. A Practically Designed First Aid kit with a Large Section of First Aid Equipment Assures Your Satisfaction! Bandages x 20 | Small Bandages x 20 Alcohol Prep Pads x 20 | Antiseptic Wipes x 9 Cotton Tipped Applicator x 10 | Butterfly Closures x 10 Large Gauze Pad x 1 | Medium Gauze Pad x 3 | Small Gauze Pad x 6 Safety Pins x 3 | Medical Tape Roll x 2 Disinfectant Burn Ointment x 6 | Knee/Elbow Bandages x 2 Emergency Blanket x 1 | Glow Stick x 1 Splint x 4 | Sting Relief x 3

Product Features

IF YOU ARE LOOKING AT THIS FIRST AID KIT, IT'S PROBABLY BECAUSE YOU NEED ONE: Look, you can be one of those people who goes against their gut, saves a few bucks, and then regrets it later. But, if you are looking at this first aid kit then you know that truth be told, you need one. Whether for your car, your house, or the next camping and hiking trip, you can be ready with our first aid kit. WHEN IT HITS THE FAN AND IT ALWAYS DUES, YOU CAN BE PREPARED: "Whatever Can Go Wrong, Will Go Wrong" Murphy's Law. Hiking in the great outdoors can be one of the most fun and adventurous activities you can do with your friends and family. It can also be dangerous which is why you should always be prepared and carry a first aid kit with you. EVEN IF YOU DON'T NEED ONE NOW I GUARANTEE YOU WILL, SO WHEN THE TIME COMES BE READY: Fully stocked with 139 pieces of medical emergency equipment. 100% Money Back Guarantee, Proven Quality, Customer-Centered Services. So why are you hesitating? Don't wait for disaster to strike to starting thinking about your safety. Go, grab a first aid kit now! Free 224 Page First Aid E-Book: We include with every purchase a copy of the US Military First Aid guide. Unlike most "Free E-books" this is not some 5-page pdf. This guide is 224 pages long with detailed illustrations of practical first aid knowledge. Originally written to keep soldiers in the field alive. We now offer it to you completely FREE!! BUT IN THE END, CUSTOMERS SAY IT BEST: "What a great product to have with you, it is so complete that it is the only first aid kit a person would need. Thankfully, I haven't had to use it, but if there is an emergency and this is what you had to deal with it, I think you would have what you need. This kit is so complete and has all of the usual first aid items, but this goes beyond that with about any item you would need. I want to purchase one for each of the vehicles. Great Product!"- Callie

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